Every year we get requests from across Canada and several states asking if we can ship our products.  As much as we would like to accommodate you, in most cases the answer is "no".

There are some items including most fruit trees, many berry bushes as well as other items that we cannot ship to some provinces or the U.S. at all because of restrictions in those jurisdictions.

The problem for most items in Canada is prohibitive shipping rates.  Plants are perishable products and usually require expedited shipping to assure their arrival in good condition.  Courier or premium parcel post services are incredibly expensive.  The cost of shipping is normally at least equal to the price of the plant.  

For example, we shipped a number of 4' bare root trees to B.C. last year.  The total weight was only about 15 lbs (7kg) but the courier charges were $200 on $100 worth of trees because they were over size.  A one/two gallon shrub normally weighs about 5/10 lbs. respectively. Even though not necessarily oversize, the shipping costs are still significant.  Shipping generally makes sense only if the trees in question are not available locally at any price.

About the only thing that makes economic sense would be shipping seedlings by bus.  Even that has its problems since we are over an hour from the nearest major bus terminal.

For Americans, not only are there equally prohibitive shipping costs, but there are extra charges for inspection and certification to ship plants across the border at all.  This makes shipping to the U.S. impossible.

Please contact us if you really need something and we will try to find a workable solution.  In some cases, we may be able to put you in touch with a more local supplier who deals with our wholesalers who do ship to other provinces using their own trucks.  

Generally speaking, if you live within 2-300 miles of our location, it probably makes more sense to come and pick up your order.  We will work with you to hold your order for a reasonable amount of time and to be available outside our normal business hours to accommodate you.