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Welcome to Discovery  


The "Deck Garden" 2010 edition

Site Updates (4/03/16)

Important Notice - Last Call

This will not come as a surprise to any of you who have stopped by in the last couple of years.  Last fall, for medical reasons we closed the doors of Discovery Trees for good.

Well almost.  We are doing one more order this spring to allow those of you who have started projects to finish them.  This bulk order is available to anyone interested and will include our standard discount on spring orders.  If the demand is sufficent,  another order later in the year is possible but unlikely.

There are three conditions:  #1 - the deadline for orders is April 10/16 and we will not be bringing in a point of sale terminal so #2 - we will be accepting only cash and cheques as payment and #3 - all sales are final.


Godzilla Lily

Not really a monster but a pleasant surprise.  This is a Henrii Lily first imported from China in the 1880s.  They are normally 4' tall and produce about a dozen flowers.  This one measured in at 51" and produced over 75 flowers which, as you can see, opened at about the same time.  They come in two colours - the orange you see here as well as white with an orange throat.


What a difference a year makes

April 20, 2012

April 18, 2013


This year, be sure to get the Nursery Advantage.


Pot and Tray Recycling

These things last about forever in landfills and non renewable resources are used in their manufacture.  If you can reuse the plastic pots and trays yourself, by all means hang on to them.  Like most nurseries today, we do clean and reuse pots and trays that are in good condition.  Feel free to drop them off at any time.


New Links Section

This section has been added beginning with some useful weather links.

Last update April 3/2016