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Deciduous Trees (Updated)

Deciduous Shrubs

Evergreen & Coniferous Trees (Updated)

Evergreen & Coniferous Shrubs (Updated)

Fruit  & Berries

Perennials & Bulbs



Native Plants

We cannot guarantee that every plant will be in-stock or available at all times throughout the year.  Please call ahead to inquire about specific availabilities.

Note:  *Not in stock for 2014* means we currently have no inventory of this item but it is available for special order and we may stock it again in the future.  These plants have not been dropped from inventory because there is anything wrong with them.  Quite the opposite - these are excellent trees and shrubs.  They are not currently in stock due to low customer demand.  Most of these are available only in larger sizes and the larger they are, the harder it is to keep them happy in containers.  Keeping plants over winter is also a bunch of extra work and raises the possibility of winter or rodent damage.  Most are available from our suppliers throughout the summer so it makes more sense to stock up on what is in demand.  We are happy to bring these additional items in for you on special order.

*Discontinued* means we no longer stock this item but have left the information available for your convenience.  In most cases these plants have been discontinued due to poor winter performance or, in some cases, just poor performance.  You may be able to grow them successfully in an urban area where there is more shelterbut they have not done well for us in our more exposed rural setting.

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