Evergreen & Coniferous Shrubs

Boxwood (Buxus)

Boxwoods are an evergreen shrub with leaves rather than needles.  The leaves are not shed in the fall.  They make an interesting hedge and can be left natural or sheared.  Boxwoods grown in zone 3 are susceptible to winter kill of branch tips.  They prefer cool moist soil.

Green Mountain Boxwood *Discontinued*

Height/Spread: 4'x3' Zone:4

Boxwood is low growing, low maintenance, leafed evergreen. Cone-shaped form covered with small, glossy dark green foliage. Ideal for low hedge or border planting. This is a zone 4 shrub that requires additional winter protection.

Cedar (Thuja occidentalis)

These are the smaller members of the cedar family covered in the evergreen and coniferous tree section.  Like their taller relatives, these shrubs should be given consistent moisture.

Danica Cedar *Not Available for 2014*

Height/Spread: 1'x 1'  Zone:3

Dwarf globe-shaped cedar with rich green foliage in summer turning bronze-green in fall. Slow growing.  Excellent for borders and accents.

Holmstrup Cedar  

Height/Spread: 4-5'x 2-3'  Zone:3

Holmstrup is a compact columnar cedar originating in Denmark many years ago. Similar in shape to Skybound and Brandon it is a much smaller shrub that will not overpower its location.  It prefers light shade and is quite tolerant of poorly drained sites.

Little Giant Cedar

Height/Spread: 2.5'x 2.5'  Zone:3

Slow growing compact globe shaped evergreen. Soft feathery bright green foliage. Nice formal look. Great for a  low hedge or smaller areas.

Woodward Cedar  

Height/Spread: 5'x 5'  Zone: 3

A large globe cedar  with dense foliage.  Full sun to part shade.

Juniper (Juniperus)

Junipers come in many sizes from small trees to low, spreading ground covers.  Junipers are very drought tolerant once established and can be used in very harsh conditions.  Soil should be well-drained

Blue Chip Juniper

Height/Spread: 1'x 5'  Zone:3

Low, spreading, evergreen groundcover with silver-blue foliage all year long.  One of the best blues. Adds distinctive colour to any landscape. Goes well with Gold Lace Juniper for contrast.  Very hardy.


Gold Lace Juniper

Height/Spread: 2'x 4'  Zone:3

Another excellent low, spreading groundcover.  New growth is bright yellow.  Makes a nice contrast mixed with a blue or green Junipers.


There are about 60 species of Arctostaphylos, ranging from ground-hugging arctic, coastal, and mountain species to small trees. Most are evergreen  with small oval leaves arranged spirally on the stems. The flowers are bell-shaped, white or pale pink, and borne in small clusters.

Kinnikinnick(Bearberry)  *Not in stock for 2014*

Height/Spread: 6"x 2-5'  Zone:2

A low ground cover with oval leaves and red berries.  Kinnikinnick is native to a large part of North America.  Moderately shade tolerant. Prefers well-drained acidic sandy soils and can live in poor soils.  A favourite food of ruffed grouse.



Cliff Green Pachistima  *Not Available for 2014*

Height/Spread: 2'x 2  Zone: 2

Pachistima is a dwarf evergreen shrub with leaves similar to those of Boxwood.  This interesting groundcover produces white flowers.  It is best suited to shady locations.


Yew bushes are low, spreading, needle-bearing evergreens. The foliage on most is dense and is a dark green colour on top, with a lighter underside. The needles are flat. Yew bushes can be grown in sun or shade in a soil with a neutral pH.  Their shade-tolerance gives landscape designers an important option in challenging areas.  They can easily be rejuvenated by pruning. Most mature evergreens do not respond well to a severe pruning - Arborvitae and yew bushes are the exceptions. Warning:  All parts of the yew are poisonous.  They hold little interest for dogs and cats but must never be grown where they might be eaten by livestock.  Keep small children away from this plant!

Morden Yew

Morden Yew  *Not in stock for 2014*

Height/Spread: 4'x 6'  Zone: 3

Morden Yew has dark green foliage.  It will tolerate shearing and will grow in conditions from full sun to heavy shade.  The shrub requires good drainage.

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